Prayer Request Form

JCC Prayer Request Page

Your Prayer Requests are very important to us! If you would like to place someone on our prayer list please click on the link above and fill out the form.  I will get it added to our JCC Prayer List that is available in the Church Lobby & here on our website.
Thank you & God bless!

Prayer Requests for Our Church Family Members:

Connie Neff, Karen Landrum, Sally & Jennie Wheeler, Lowell Huckstep, Louise & George Benge, Michelle Ailes, Matt Huckstep, Jerry Rollins, Becky MacKinnon, Ralph & Pat Gann, Bee Jones, Morris Sillery, Lynn Hiller, Kent Hiller, Mike Myers, Becky Bauers, Charleen Purdy, Rob Coffey, Brandi Richwine, Charlie Herzog, Kayla Ellsworth & Angie Coffey-Lumpkin!!!

Prayer Requests for Friends & Family of Our Church Family:

The Family of Elbert Foster at his passing (Alec (Kayla)  Ellsworth's Grandfather), The Family of Ron Rolston at his passing on 1/15, Michael Guadagnoli (recovering from surgery), Betty Russell (friend of Tristan Mitchell) double pneumonia & in hospital, Karen Jackson (friend of Bee Jones) health concern, Rowan Couchman (Ruth Ann Myers' Grandson) recovering from surgery, David Groover (Leonard's brother) in the hospital with health concerns, Pam Ebert's Dad health issues, Mike Myers having heart issues, Kayla Ellsworth (having heart monitor on Wed. 10/07 & tests), Bree Wilson (former classmate of Hannah Miller) brain tumor has returned, Larry Ward (friend of the Mungers), Tim Hicks (Marilyn Hicks' son), Lyle Cooper (Steve Cooper's father), Patricia Webb, Anne Tomlinson & Bob Shrout (Mary Thomas' sisters & brother), Carol Wilhoite (wife of a co-worker of Jay Randle & Tom Ailes), Susie Starcher (friend of George Benge), Henry Holt (friend of Teresa), Bud Blankenship (friend of Lynn Hiller's), Bill Carr (Michelle's father), Everett Thomas (brother to Betty & Sue and Uncle to Teresa & brother-in-law to Mary Thomas), Mark Lewis (Rosemary Muir's son-in-law), Deanna Ruby (friend of Michelle), Sam & Marily Benge (George's brother & sister-in-law), Billy Carr (Michelle's brother), Don Hamilton (Chris Simpson's uncle), Jim Hostetter & John Cleveland (Curt's uncle's), Judy Shroyer (Ron Ebert's sister), Fred Grimm (Ty & Hannah's grandfather), Dave Hamilton (friend of Tom & Marcia Ailes) & Cheryl Hoskins, Danny Nelson, Calvin Tercha, Rachel Leiser & Jean Swenby (friends/family of Bee & Jim Jones).