GriefShare is built around a series of 13 weekly group sessions. Each week the group will view a GriefShare video seminar, then spend time discussing what they have seen on the DVD and what has occurred in their lives during the previous week.

There are 3 Essential Components to the GriefShare Program:
1. The Video Seminar- offers encouraging, information-packed videos featuring leading grief recovery experts.
2. Small Group Discussion- segment allows participants to discuss how the video concepts relate to their own experiences.
3. The Workbook- provides a video note-taking tool and a daily Bible study for personal study, journaling and application of concepts presented on the videos.

When to Join:
Since GriefShare is self-contained, you can join anytime during the 13 Week Cycle.

Is only $15, which covers the cost of the workbook we will be using.
**Our next cycle for GriefShare will begin Wednesday, May 22nd @ 6pm**
Phone:(765) 676-5182
Address:900 N. Lebanon St.
 P.O. Box 147
 Jamestown, IN 46147